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Aya Hawaii
Update (09.09.08): Maybe not that many people are interested in youngest member of Aya's family then. Just thought it might be interesting while we wait for Aya to remember she has a blog. Well I got one view and comment at least so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Also just realised I could've embedded my subbed YouTube video instead of linking it! D'oh!

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Aya Hawaii
September 2009

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09.09.06 Sunday (no AYAblog entries: stuff about her sister)

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September 9th Entries
Aya Hawaii
Aya reflects on the concert tour after the opening weekend.

2009-09-09 15:30


Sincere apologies for my male manager's terrible handwriting... (haha)

I had a bit of time, settled down and watched the LIVE concerts from the 5th and 6th。
Although I don't like watching my own LIVE concerts...
Just feels weird (haha)
But I watched them。 I was going to watch my own songs and performance but your movements scorched my eyes more than mine。

Thank you。

I'm so happy。

Thank you for a fun LIVE concert。

This weekend it's Osaka☆
It'll be great☆

I was planning on writing a bit more in detail but
I want it to be memories for just the people who were there at the time and me!!
I'm sorry。
How many of you are thinking "Must... get... those... DVDs!" at this point? XD The top one (in 3D but bottom one in 2D) is supposed to say:
松浦亜弥 (you know what this says!)
八王子市民会館 (hachiouji shimin kaikan - Hachioji (Eight Prince) Citizen Hall)
1回目(ikkaime - first time)


The Eldest of Three Sisters?
Aya Hawaii
Tomorrow, or today as it's already Monday in Japan, is Aya's sister's birthday. I hope Aya remembers, or rather she shouldn't forget after the phone call she had when she forgot in 2003. Happy birthday to Aya's bigger little sister who is now 22. I believe her name is Koto although I can't be certain because I've never heard Aya say it.

Baby Sister talk. A lot of it!Collapse )

September 4th Entries
Aya 2009 Calendar Field
Aya ends rehearsals without actually finishing... should still be a ripper of a show though.

2009-09-04 23:30

The OFF Me☆

When autumn/winter comes a lot of black starts appearing~♪
Is it different to what you expected or imagined?? What do you think?? What do you think?? Of the OFF me。
Thoroughly Autumny Aya☆

Well then, today was the last RH!
I wanted just a little more time before the opening day but I don't have it...。

As I will be taking a break from LIVE concerts, this is the last LIVE and this time everything is produced by me。
From the songs I sing, the setlist, my outfits and so on。
Of course while in consultation with the staff♪

Maybe it's because of that~ that my heart rate is soaring!!!!!!
I just hope you like it~。

The outfits in particular, I'd be happy if the girls understand the feel of them too☆
I've had a little adventure~♪♪

It's taken a lot of time and thought to make this thoughts overflowing LIVE!
It starts tomorrow。
Regular attenders of Aya Matsuura LIVE, first time attenders of Aya Matsuura LIVE, stressed-out people... and so on and so forth, it's a LIVE where people can enjoy themselves and create memories!
Please be sure to come★
I'll be waiting★

Ah, that's right!
Yesterday, I went to the hair salon for a colour change!

Um, it was good before。
I liked it before。


I'm feeling blue。。。
Even this can't change my mood。。。。 haha

There are a lot of requests coming for photos of my face but this will have to do for today~。。。
My eyes aren't open but
I don't have make up on so it's bad~。。。

Next time I'll get MOMO-chan (Female manager) to take some good ones。。。 Yes。。。
● "Thoroughly Autumny Aya" is not a play on "Thoroughly Modern Millie" but it's the best way I could phrase it.
I believe I mistranslated a line in a previous entry that is virtually the same as one in this entry. I've gone back and 'corrected' it to what I think it should've been but it's one of my low-confidence translations.
想いあふれてLIVE (omoiafurete raibu) means "thoughts overflowing LIVE" but 想いあふれて is also the name of the tour (as well as her latest album and title track from it).
The manager Momo-chan also helps to maintain Aya's official fansite Ayaway, including a blog there.


September 3rd Entries
Aya 2009 Calendar Field
Aya posts two entries in a day?! Plural! Two! TWO! But she wrote a post that Miki also did, er... that might not be a good thing... XD

2009-09-03 21:17


Good evening!
It's been a while☆

Phrasing it positively,

I've been busy dealing with the LIVE...

Phrasing it negatively,

I've slacked off from updating (haha)

Surprising thing!
Even when I update my blog, it's not just the new entries but like Mai Mai Satoda
(what I call her♪) there are lots of people who comment on the old
entries as well!!
Thanks to Mai Mai as well★

So then,
In the comments, there were a lot of requests for sharing my fashion,
nails, make up and hairstyles tips, particularly from girls so I'll make
sure to post some☆

It might get a bit boring for all the guys。。。 I'm sorry。

But I sort of feel self-conscious so a bit concerned。
I'm the type who is wildly different when ON at work, and OFF in private so there
could be some difference from what you imagine Aya Matsuura, especially in
fashion to be like。

I wonder if it'lI be alright~。

But I'm happy that people have said they want to know about me so
I'll updaーte☆☆
● Aya has called Mai Satoda "Mai Mai" for years... at least three. I believe she commented on this entry (search for one by 里田まい) although anyone can use any name so it might not necessarily be her.
2009-09-03 22:02

AYAblog Female Readers☆

I thought this would be boring for guys so I chose that title!!
Ah but it's not connected to sex, as long as you're a young lady you're OK♪♪

Recently I've got into this!
Vitamin Water, dragon fruit flavour☆
Vitamins have an image of being sour but this is sweet and tasty~*
I'm drinking 1 bottle per day!

Then, for the LIVE I changed my nails♪
Clear acrylics for the first time in a while★
I'm addicted to this clear style☆☆☆

My nail artist Kuno-kun always does a fantastic job for me☆
When I have nail art done, the thing that Kuno-kun and I find most important is

Having 'class'。

This photo was taken at the place I was at a short time ago during
a little free time I had between doing stuff!

What I'm doing tomorrow and also, by request, photos with a lot of faces
if I can take good pictures (haha) I'll UP them☆

If I can... (haha)

Tomorrow is the final RH so I'll give it all I've got!!

Hana Ichi Monme
Aya 2009 Calendar Hat
Aya takes the Sunday off from her blog like she said she would... no entries today.

But I suppose now is a good a time as any to post this which has been on my computer since... January 17th! I love this song and this translation was supposed to go onto my Hello! Online blog but never finished writing my blurb. It feels slightly wrong to post it now as it's a spring song but only slightly...

I used lyrics found on reputable internet sites so they should be official. There's a Spanish translation on the internet somewhere. There may even have been an English one since I wrote this but I haven't looked.

Anyway, the important information:
1) 一匁 (ichi monme) is a virtually obsolete unit of weight with no English equivalent. I say virtually obsolete because it's still a recognised unit to trade pearls in Japan. Also virtually obsolete because it's the weight of one of a 5 yen coin. The 匁 was officially declared as 3.75g in 1891 by the Meiji administration which is the weight it still is today. Before then it had fluctuated as high as 3.756521g to as low as 3.7462g (is anyone going to check those figures?). Flowers used to be sold by this weight, hence 花一匁 (hana ichi monme - one monme of flowers)
2) 花一匁 is also a children's game which the song makes heavy reference to. It's the idea of having links in a chain (of two in the song). Apparantly the game is based on the practice of poor families selling children (especially daughters for marriage) in order to gain some income and reduce the number of mouths to feed. That's not what the song is about though.

One Monme of Flowers

あの子が欲しい 花いちもんめ
I want that kid... one monme of flowers
あの子じゃ分からん 誰欲しい?
I don't know who 'that kid' is... who do you want?

If I should become somebody else's
あなたは寂しいですか 寂しいですか?
Would you be lonely? Would you be lonely?

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い あなたの肩に今に止まります
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Now coming to rest upon your shoulders
あなたのこと 選んだように 見えて 不意に切ない
As if you've been chosen
The sight of it suddenly aches my heart

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い 私の手から今こぼれます
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Now overflowing from the palm of my hand
あなたがもし いなくなれば 私寂しいからね
If you were no longer with me
I'd be lonely, you see?

手と手つないで 花いちもんめ
Hand-in-hand... one monme of flowers
薄紅色の 頬寄せて
Bring your rosy cheek closer to mine

何か相談でもするように 深刻な顔で
As if you're consulting me, with a serious expression
好きだと言ってくれるの 言ってくれないの?
Will you tell me you love me? Or can't you say it?

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い あなたの前を過ぎて行きます
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Passing by infront of you
照れたように 後ろ向いて すぐにまた振り返る
I look away bashfully
Then immediately turn around again

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い 音のない音楽奏でます
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Playing a silent song
そっと耳を  澄ます様に あなたの答えを待つ
As if I'm carefully listening for it
I'll wait for your answer

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い 止め処ない時のひとひらごと
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Together with the endless petals of time
あなたのこと 思ってきた こころ今受け止めて
I've been thinking about you
Now take my heart

ひらりひらり 花びら舞い あなたの肩にまた止まります
Gently, gently, the flower petals flutter
Again coming to a rest on your shoulders
あなたがもし いなくなれば 私寂しいからね
If you were no longer with me
I'd be lonely, you see?

August 29th Entries
Aya Pearl
Aya & co continue having fun in their rehearsals.

2009-08-29 21:33

Three Day Monk, Avoided☆

It was RH with the band members! But。。。



Furious Aya-san (haha)

Everyone thinking over carefully... like (haha)

The 'Omoiafurete' LIVE is pretty much in sight! Me as well as the members and the staff☆
We're organised, in the groove but it would be great if there was just a little longer before opening day♪♪ That's
how I feel☆
We'll do our best☆

So then,
I burst out laughing reading everyone's comments!

"Miraculous 3 day update"
"You'll regret it later"
"Don't overexert yourself..."

I'm not overexerting myself (haha)
This was there too,

"Going at your own pace is fine after all"


So, I'll take you up on that!!

I woーn't be updating tomorrow☆
That's how I feel♪♪

So, everyone
please change in advance the time you used to check 'AYAblog' (haha)

Well then, see you the day after tomorrow??★
三日坊主 (mikka bouzu - three day monk) is a four kanji idiom (tons of them in Japanese) that means not sticking to something you set out to do. Being a Buddhist monk is something that people are expected to commit to once they have started but their daily routine is strict and if somebody is not fully committed to it they will quit. Why three days? It's just a short amount of time for something that's supposed to last a lifetime. The title was Aya saying she is not just a 三日坊主 because this is her fourth day posting.

August 28th Entries
Aya Cherry necklace
Aya & co. mess with our minds during rehearsal.

2009-08-28 21:19

More RH Today☆

Everybody who leaves a comment on AYAblog!

So articulate (haha)
Usually when I get mail I
Worry and worry about what to say, what to write but
You all respond with comments in an instant!!
You're amazing☆

Today was RH (rehearsal) again☆
Dancer & choreographer YOSHIKO-sensei
Dancer Miho-chan
With us as well!!
Once this LIVE tour finishes, YOSHIKO-sensei will happily be 40 years old♪♪
And, for about 5 years she's done this and than on choreography & staging
for my stages and nothing else...

"Won't you dance to celebrate the end of your 30s?"

I persuaded her with that (haha)

She's amazing! 39 years old!!

Again today,
We were involved in serious discussions!

The Incredible Human Chair★
Then, seriously...

Thousand armed Goddess of Mercy。。。 style (haha)

We'll work hard~ at RH tomorrow too★

August 27th Entries
Aya Hat
Aya the Ringmaster conjures up some teamwork during rehearsals.

2009-08-27 23:54


Good evening☆

It's an update on the 2nd consecutive day!!

Today I was doing song RH with the band members for the ♪LIVE that starts on on September 5th seriously, really seriously!!!

Bottom level
From the right: guitarist Kiku-chan

Bassist Kajiyan

Keyboardist Ide-san

Middle level
From the right: drummer Takao-san
Percussionist Fuku-chan

Top level
Chorus Chino-chan

And then I'm singing my heart out☆

We'll work haーrd at RH again tomorrow★
RH is some sort of shorthand for 'rehearsal' based on the Japanese word リハーサル (riha-saru) ⇒ リハ (riha) ⇒ RH.